“You are joyous, you are wise
you are quick, with bright eyes
you speak with us each Christmas
there’s the occasional surprise
when you’re our Olympic Bond Girl
and you jump from the skies

You don’t do fuss, you don’t do drama
you’ve not accepted panto
or a chat on Panorama:
you’re as certain as the rain;
and your reign shall be remembered
as fulfilling your pledge
of sacrifice with joy”

from “Elizabeth II: a portrait”

“I invite you to my dinner party
and all you can do
is criticise:
the herb focaccia lacks salt;
the pork loin’s not quite
as crispy as you’d like it to be!
Would it be possible for you to have
a fresh serviette?

Well, stuff you, Agatha:
If you can’t just sit back and enjoy, dear,
don’t bother coming at all!”

from “Aunt Hilda loses it”

“You’d think of your girl back home
whom you’d met out dancing
and, after romancing,
married quick:
you hoped simply
to hold her
in your arms once more
but, you never knew
you never knew”

from “I was quite glad of the war”

“Never go out without love;
as you leave for the day
with each word that you say
and in all that you do
the whole day through
abroad or at home
with others and alone;
never go out without love.”

“Without love”

“Wherever you can
move from victim to victor
choose to survive and thrive once more;
the strength is within you!

Know you are not alone
be of good courage
triumph in adversity
be thankful
be blessed
be strong”

from “Strong: The Preciouserata”

“When you are
far from home
you are not far
from me

I love you
I miss you
and the road home
is a short one

So when you are
far from home
you are not far
from me”

from “Far from home”


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